25 of the Most Popular Christian Books for Children in 2022

Books for children play a fundamental role in shaping the way children view themselves and learn about the world around them. For Christian children, it’s important to find books that share messages about faith, God, and other lessons children need to learn as part of early child development. Explore some of the best Christian books for children to explore in 2022.

25 of the Most Popular Christian Books for Children in 2022 for Early Child Development

1. The Story of You by Krystle Joy DeGraide

For parents who are tackling questions such as “Where do we come from?” or “How are babies made?”, this book is a good selection. Suitable for younger children, this book will help parents teach children about where life comes from and how precious life is.

2. Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science by Louie Giglio

If you’re interested in integrating early childhood science lessons into fundamentals about faith, then this book is a great selection. Perfect for children aged six to 10 years old, this book begins with the story of creation and includes informative lessons about astrology, biology, geology, and zoology.

3. The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories

This book is a perfect starter for early child development. With over 90 stories and vibrant illustrations, this storybook is an ideal introduction to the most beloved stories in the bible and a perfect foundation for teaching your children about God.

4. If Jesus Lived Inside My Heart by Jill Roman Lord

This book is a good choice for everyday learning for young children. With lessons about generosity and kindness, children will learn through scenarios and stories about how to discover the presence and love of Jesus in their hearts.

5. Kindness Is My Superpower by Alicia Ortego

In this illustrated book, there are several lessons for children to learn about kindness and goodness. With rhyming texts and an engaging story about Lucas, a boy who is learning kindness, children will be entertained as they learn about the power of compassion, love, generosity, and other important aspects of early child development.

6. How Great Is Our God by Louie Giglio

This is another engaging and educational book about the wonder of God imparted through lessons about science. From subjects like weather to the human body to space, this book teaches whimsical lessons about life, love, and the universe.

7. Notes From Jesus: What Your New Best Friend Wants You to Know by Mikol Keefer

Friendship plays a large part in healthy childhood development, so this fun book is a perfect introduction to how to be a good friend, neighbor, and child. This book addresses a wide range of topics about life and reminds children that Jesus will always be their best friend.

8. You Are Special by Max Lucado

This modern take on Pinocchio tells the whimsical tale of Punchinello, a wooden toy who must learn the value of himself after meeting his creator, a woodcarver who teaches Punchinello how special he is. This storybook imparts a very important lesson to children about the meaning of value and self-worth.

9. Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin and Pat Barrett

In this storybook, children learn about acceptance, love, and generosity through a wonderful metaphor of unconditional love from God. Perfect for bedtime reading, this book teaches children that God is by their side, no matter what. This book is an essential selection of Christian books for children.

10. It Will Be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear and Change by Lysa TerKeurst

This book is intended for children aged four to eight. In this book, children will find comfort in everyday experiences like anxiety, worry about change, and fear. Through the story of Little Seed and Little Fox, children will learn about the eternal comfort of having Jesus in their hearts and God by their sides.

11. Little One, God Made You Special by Amy Warren Hilliker

This story is a great choice for reminding children how important it is to be unique, but still find friendship even if others are different. An important lesson for children of all ages, this beautifully illustrated storybook teaches children that God loves equally, no matter what differences people may have.

12. The Oak Inside the Acorn by Max Lucado

The message in this story is one about growth and change. Through the story of Little Acorn and Oak, children will learn that it may take time to grow up and find their purpose in life. This book is intended for school-aged children and is an ideal addition to your Christian books for children collection.

13. Near: Psalm 139 by Sally Lloyd-Jones

In this illustrated book, children can learn the wonderful message of Psalm 139 through easily-read lyrical passages. Children will learn the lesson of the endurance of God’s love for them, and may also be empowered by the uplifting message of this psalm. This book is also a good option for children in Sunday school who may need to memorize passages.

14. If I Could Ask God Anything by Kathryn Slattery

If you have a curious child on your hands, then this book may be a great option. This book is cleverly written to answer some of the big questions kids have about prayer, Christianity, faith, and much more. With this book, your child will be able to strengthen their relationship with God by learning answers to questions such as “How do I know if God is real?”

15. The Garden, The Curtain, and the Cross by Carl Laferton

This illustrated book tells the most famous stories from the bible, from the Garden of Eden through the Resurrection of Christ. As part of the fundamentals of Christianity, children will understand the most important highlights of the faith through the stories of God’s righteousness and selflessness. This book is a must-have in your Christian books for children collection.

16. Princess Stories: Real Bible Stories of God’s Princesses by Carolyn Larsen

This book focuses on empowering little girls by illustrating some of the most famous Biblical stories of women. In addition to these stories, this book also has an interaction section called Princess Ponderings where girls and parents can discuss the values of each story and learn how the lessons in these stories can be applied in everyday life.

17. When God Made the World by Matthew Paul Turner

This storybook covers the topics of creation from the Book of Genesis. With gorgeous illustrations, children will learn how God created the universe, life, and everything. The book is written in rhythmic text to make it fun for children.

18. God’s Wisdom for Little Boys: Character-Building Fun from Proverbs by Jim & Elizabeth George

This book is written with little boys in mind. With proverbs that will impart important values and wisdom to little boys, this book is an excellent foundation stone for helping boys build good character and strengthen their faith in God.

19. Bedtime Prayers Praying Hands Board Book

This prayer book is an excellent option for families who are trying to create the habit of bedtime prayers. The prayers in this book are fun, easy, and simple for children to remember. The lovely illustration in this book also makes this an excellent staple for bedtime stories.

20. The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Lloyd-Jones

In this book, children are introduced to the most important stories in the bible, particularly the journey of Jesus from His birth to His resurrection. This book will teach children that Jesus is their salvation with biblical stories from the Old Testament and the New Testament.

21. I Am God’s Dream by Matthew Paul Turner

This book encourages kids to be proud of their individuality and unique interests by using informational messages from God. This picture book helps children discover the truth about God’s love, the beauty of diversity, and much more. This book is especially important for early child development.

22. My Little Library: Bible Stories by Little Grasshopper Books

This collection of 12 board books is ideal for babies and toddlers. As an introduction to simple biblical stories, these sturdy storybooks bring some of the most beloved biblical characters to life. Some of the stories included in My Little Library include the tales of David, Moses, Noah, and more.

23. Best-Loved Bible Songs Children’s Board Book With Sing-Along Tunes by Scarlett Wing

This sing-along book is perfect for fun lessons about the bible. With popular tunes such as Michael Row the Boat Ashore, Jesus Loves Me, and This Little Light of Mine, children can learn beloved bible songs with an interactive lyrical book.

24. When I Pray for You by Matthew Paul Turner

In this heartwarming book, children will learn about the hopes and dreams their parents have for them, and about how God’s love helps prayers come to life. The lyrical passages will teach children about love, care, and concern with affirming messages suitable for young readers.

25. What Is God Like? by Rachel Held Evans

In this book, children learn how to answer the question “What is God like?” by learning to look for God in everyday objects, stars, and more. Children will learn the comfort of being surrounded by God and strengthen their relationship with faith.

Early child development is an important time for children to develop values they will carry for a lifetime, which is why Christian books for children are important to include on your bookshelves. To learn more about the benefits of reading books for early childhood development, get in touch with Krystle Joy DeGraide, author of The Story of You, today.

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