8 of the Most Popular Pro-Life Books for Kids in 2022

Living in a culture like ours, it can be difficult for a parent who wants their child to grow and flourish, especially when it comes to books and films. You don’t want to outsource your child’s development to strangers, and you know the chances are the most popular media are full of things that will confuse and damage young minds. Thankfully, you don’t need to go through the hassle of writing your own pro-life books for kids, you just need to find them!

This list is full of books, designed to help them learn the importance of valuing all human life, in an engaging and age-appropriate way. Full of great illustrations, and written by lots of well-known and prominent figures you can rely on, these stories provide easy ways to talk to your kids about these often difficult topics. So have a look, take note of your favorites, and get ready to share the joy of life with your children!

8 of the Most Popular Pro-Life Books for Kids in 2022

1. Pro-Life Kids! by Bethany Bomberger

This book is from author Bethany Bomberger and features illustrator Ed Koehler’s eye-catching cartoon-style pictures. The pro-life movement isn’t confined to one area of society or one type of person, and this great new book demonstrates the full depth and breadth of a society dedicated to human flourishing at every stage of life. Bomberger and her husband Ryan founded The Radiance Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the vision of human value and encouraging people to flourish.

Using her experience of adoption and motherhood, Bomberger brilliantly communicates the core messages of the pro-life movement to young children. This book is also available as the Pro-Life Kids! Colouring and Activity book, sticker pack, and crayons included, to help young children engage even more and get hours of enjoyment out of the story. This book is a great resource to use with your kids, and an engaging way to introduce them to age-appropriate ideas about their value and purpose.

2. Little Lives Matter by Elizabeth Johnston

Little Lives Matter is a pro-life kids book by author, blogger, speaker, and podcast host Elizabeth Johnston, illustrated with art by Sergio R Romeri. This story is created in partnership with BRAVE books, a publishing organization with a unique take on the endless task of raising up the next generation. They have crafted the BRAVE Universe, with its own map and characters, and each month they collaborate with a different writer to create books for kids featuring this new world.

As part of this ongoing story, Elizabeth Johnston’s book Little Lives Matter explores a moving story of a baby bear with only one front paw, showing how this makes life harder for his mother and the sacrifices she makes for him. The book is a heartwarming story of one family’s rejection of a cruel culture in favor of love and sacrifice for their children. You can also get a BRAVE Challenge Workbook, and games, to keep the adventure going!

3. Horton Hears A Who by Dr. Seuss

Maybe you wouldn’t have expected a book like this on this kind of list, but you’d be surprised! Horton Hears A Who, by the legendary Dr. Seuss, absolutely deserves to be part of the conversation when it comes to helping young children understand the value of the unborn. You probably heard about the recent controversies surrounding some of Dr. Seuss’s work, and whether you are already a fan or you had no idea he wrote pro-life books, this one is worth a try.

Horton Hears A Who is the story of Horton the elephant, who hears a small voice coming from a piece of dust, but no one believes him. He decides to protect this ‘Who’, and eventually, his friends realize he’s telling the truth and they start to hear the voices too. The story is a brilliant take on the way we choose to value things that are hard to understand, and children will love the rhymes and also the classic illustrations!

4. Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember by Tim Tebow

Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember, is the latest book for kids by Tim Tebow, written with A.J.Gregory and illustrated by Jane Chapman. Tim and his wife Demi-Leigh have a long history of supporting and championing kids with special needs, including their Night To Shine, a prom specially created for kids who might otherwise miss out. This is Tebow’s first book for children, and the message is sure to resonate with families everywhere.

The story is about Bronco, who gets invited to a party but is upset to discover he can’t find the puzzle piece every guest is meant to bring. He sets out on his journey and meets lots of other animals who have their own worries and problems, and these new friends help Bronco find his puzzle piece and get to the party. This heartwarming tale celebrates the uniqueness and beauty of every person.

5. God Gave Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergen

God Gave Us You is part of the God Gave Us series from acclaimed author Lisa Bergen, a collection of books for kids to help them understand big topics in simple ways. This story is rooted in the idea of the love that parents have for children, and how this love for the child is the ultimate answer to all the child’s questions of why or how. The book will build up children’s self-esteem, and remind them of their uniqueness.

Lisa Tawn Bergen is a best-selling author, winner of multiple awards, who writes in a wide range of genres for all ages and stages. As well as children’s books, she has published fiction for young adults, supernatural thrillers, historical fiction, and contemporary romance. She and her sculptor husband Tim run a business together, but she still finds time to write, having published over forty books!

6. If Only I Had A Green Nose by Max Lucado

If Only I Had A Green Nose, by the renowned Max Lucado, and illustrated by Sergio Martinez, is part of Max Lucado’s much-loved Wemmicks series along with You Are Special and You Are Mine. The book is a funny and engaging story about a character called Punchinello, who has to learn the hard way what it means to be yourself when the pressure is on and everyone else wants you to just go along with things.

The core of the story is about the importance of being who you were made to be, and understanding that each person has supreme value because of their humanity and because of their creator. The great illustrations and expert touch of Lucado the author will make sure your children read right to the end, again and again. Plus, once they read this one, you know there are more in the series to go for next!

7. When You Became You, by Brooke Stanton and Christiane West

When You Became You is a book for children by Brooke Stanton and Christiane West, designed to help children understand what the beginning of life means for them and for others. Stanton and West are the founders of Contend Projects, a secular, nonpartisan, non-profit organization dedicated to spreading clear and basic scientific information about the biology of life as widely as possible. Stanton and West have eight children between them, and this book benefits from their wealth of experience.

When You Became You is packed with glorious illustrations that delight the eye and wonderfully guide children through the story being told. Travel through all the stages of human life, and discover the incredible potential that every person has at each stage. This book is a celebration of one of the most extraordinary things in the universe, the human body, and will be sure to engage and inform children of lots of ages.

8. Before I Was Me, by Frank Fraser

Before I Was Me, written and illustrated by Frank Fraser, is the story of a conversation between God and an unborn baby, and centers around the idea that children are important not because of the things they might grow up to be, but who they are. Frank Fraser is an award-winning designer and artist who has worked for decades in advertising, both as Creative Director for Disney Consumer Products and also the creator and producer for children’s television shows.

9. The Story of You, by Krystle Joy DeGrade

The Story of You, by Krystle Joy DeGrade, is a brand new book that tells the story of how a child grows in their mother’s womb and is full of the wonder and excitement of every little change and development. This is a great story to help kids revel in their existence and the miracle of new life, and to see themselves with the same joy and wonder that their parents see them.

Hopefully reading this list has not only shown you some of the pro-life books for kids that are out there for parents who want to expose their kids to pro-life ideas but also given you some hope that culture is still providing plenty of creators who are faithful and brave in the face of difficult pressure. Each of these books is a great resource for any parent to have, and kids are sure to love them too!

It’s important to make love for human life part of raising children, and pro-life books like these are a great way to help integrate these concerns with kids’ development. Lots of parents share the same concerns, and being part of a community that cares is a boost when it comes to the often tricky business of teaching kids. Get in touch with Krystle Joy DeGraide today to find out more about her book The Story Of You and to get advice.